South West Gauteng College

"Do-IT Profiler shows where the students have problems. The student report tells the student how to improve themselves and where they have problems. The students can then go and work on these areas. But what I like most is the lecturers profile, where one can see where the students are having difficulties and how they need to treat a student, assist the student and what external help a student needs to progress in their studies. I would recommend this to any student, to take the test and the results to go on the student's record and, if a student struggles in class the lecturer can bring the student to be tested. We can give those results and they can assist. I recommend that all the students take the test in order for us to assist them."
 Lee-Ann Pretorius - South West Gauteng College 2012

Western Colleges

 "The goal of Do-IT Profiler is to find out as much as possible about how an individual learns. The goal is not to label students as certain kinds of learners, but rather to help them develop multiple pathways for learning. When working on unfamiliar and/or challenging tasks, students will be more confident and motivated if they are able to work in their areas of strength."

Wilma van Jaarsveld, Student Support Head and Psychologist -Western Colleges (Westcol)

Krugersdorp Campus College 

"Recently, students from four classes were identified to attend the Academic Support Programmes on Krugersdorp Central Campus. These students were selected from Do-IT Profiler and the Cami Mathematics programme was set up with the most mathematic problems identified from Do-IT Profiler. Over a period a time, more than a month, 45 periods were attended by these students. The students felt that they had improved and the Mathematic lecturers confirmed the improvement in their results."

Student Support Team - Krugersdorp Campus College

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