Profiling students is the key to academic success

Do-IT Profiler's TVET assessments are enabled to be completed online or offline. This means: (download brochure)

  • norms are continuously built, based on localised input, as you test
  • management can access high-level reports
  • the strengths and weaknesses of every student is checked
  • Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD), numeracy and literacy are evaluated
  • you are able to compare averages of various results against an individual, group, course or sites
  • you can assess study trends and study skills of college/campus groups or individuals
  • a report can be generated and printed at anytime, from anywhere, across multiple campus sites, which provide you with advice and guidance
  • there is a separate report for students and lecturers
  • multilingual students are able to access Do-IT Profiler
  • you can see results for an individual, entire class or course or college/campus
  • you can create interventions and provide support based on needs
  • you can see a college or campus report for every course/class/student
  • Do-IT Profiler can be customised to your needs - branded and multi-level password protected

Private and Public Institutions of Higher Learning, such as Further Education and Training Colleges, are constantly under pressure to produce higher pass and throughput rates. Education Ministries are increasing the demand for quality students who are able to access and develop economies, especially of developing countries.

The idea that every student needs to be comprehensively profiled in order to be provided with the support and tools, in order to succeed, is increasingly becoming popular. The awareness that each student as an individual with a specific set of challenges, who learns in a particular way, is taking root in most educational institutions worldwide. The potential needs of a student should be matched with the right courses, the right support and assistive tools, to improve their pass and through-put rates.

Do-IT Profiler has been designed to provide educational institutions with the most amazing insights into student challenges and academic trends. For those in the know, Do-IT Profiler is mooted as the forerunner in changing the way academic institutions are approaching student success.

Do-IT Profiler TVET packages