What's inside Screening+ Profiler?

The following are the modules that you will find in Screening+ Profiler. You will not need to do them all in one go. But the more information you provide, the more information will be in your report.

Dyslexia Questionnaire

This dyslexia questionnaire aims to look at where are your difficulties with reading, writing and spelling. These are the symptoms of dyslexia that you will find in most definitions of dyslexia. It then offers extensive advice based on your responses.

SpLD (Specific Learning Difficulties) Four

Dyslexia rarely appears in alone. Therefore we want to help find out what your skills and difficulties are related to your attention, organisation, social, communications, co-ordination and maths abilities and provide you with practical guidance.


This module is aimed at trying to understand your spelling skills and what you may like to focus on, if you want to work on them, for example, with a tutor. It is not about how you compare to others. Where possible, the Profiler analyses the errors, and makes suggestions of why they may have happened.

Spelling - non-words

If you are looking to work with a tutor to assist with your spelling, this module will help identify your ability to spell new and novel words (sometimes called non-words). But this module is also used to help understand your memory skills.

Reading fluency and reading comprehension

Just because you read quickly does not mean you understand everything. But also reading slowly does not mean you understand everything! So we have two modules that look at these separately, and give feedback where appropriate on how to improve your skills.

Typing skills

This task has two components - copy typing (typing what you see on the screen) and audio typing (typing what you hear). The results indicate your typing skills as well as your auditory skills.

Computer skills

This module seeks to gather information on your current computing skills, make recommendations for additional training, and provides some insight for those whose support you may seek.

Assistive technology

Some people have little knowledge of what technology is available to support them, whilst others have only a limited knowledge. Answers to questions in this module provide suggestions of additional support and training that may be available.

As it says above, there are a lot of modules to help you in different ways, all of it will provide information and contribute to your Report. 

Take it at your own speed, and if necessary, return to Screening+ Profiler if you need a break.

Remember you can only take each module once. (See Terms of Use

Screening+ Profiler is for R500.

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