Professional Services

Do-IT Profiler for Psychologists, Social Workers, Occupational Therapist etc.

Assess literacy and numeracy competencies across all age groups

Do-IT Profiler has been developed by leading international experts, with the support of a South African Clinical Psychologist. The modules in Do-IT Profiler measure a range of academic competencies within literacy and numeracy (English only at this point), that is relevant to assisting clients during interventions. Advice is given within certain limits in order to stimulate further practitioner intervention. 

The information provided is easily gathered, making the client feel respected, safe and valued. Reports are professionally expressed and are immediately available directly after the modules have been completed. There is no writing of reports, it is automatically generated and advice can be used as part of feedback, guidance or training sessions. Information can be accessed anywhere in the world, via secure password. Modules can also be done from any location or site.

New and more in-depth understandings of learning, social support needs, skill development requirements and training needs can be identified. Norming is dynamic and have been done in the South African context, ensuring that clients are compared fairly. 

Do-IT Profiler reports are also invaluable for practitioners who work with education, youth guidance, skills development, therapy with children and youth who communicate poorly. The information obtained through Do-IT Profiler is pertinent to those working with disabilities, head injuries, children and adults with learning and behavioural disorders, intellectual impairment, autism spectrum disorders or those in care requiring person centred planning, or those currently in an offending setting.

Various assessment packages are available - see package and pricing

Payment and registration of one or a group of clients is easy, seamless and secure (via Payfast - a secure and safe payment portal).

Do-IT Profiler is profitable to use in a client or practice setting

The client profiling system is cost-effective, professional and easy to administer. The full assessment battery (standard or enhanced versions) is highly affordable, built with the South African context in mind. Any one or all of the modules in the package can be completed, with varying times, and can range from single to multiple batteries that can take 10 minutes or longer. Times will depend on your choice and selections within packages.

The costs per user licence ensures improved profitability. Discounts of up to 25% apply for group licences making it a must for the practitioner, especially those in private practice. Everything is done online - no tedious administration telephone calls and mainenance is required. All that is required is a computer and a set of headphones!

 A few steps to helping your clients and delivering professional reports

  1. Register online
  2. Choose your package
  3. Pay  using our secure servers
  4. Start testing

Tip: Register beforehand and buy multiple licences. Save costs, improve test administration, save time and ensure better profitability. 

Do-IT Profiler is fully adaptable and scalable and can be made available in many languages (based on customisation request).

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