Parc Prison - Bridgend



Do-IT Profiler is being used at Parc Prison in Bridgend to profile and assess offenders to assist with their education, planning and support. Working in a secure environment required the development of specific solutions and Do-IT Profiler is used with standalone computers, where data is transferred to their intranet to collect and collate the data and the ability to analyse the data within the prison setting. The data collected within the prison is an opportunity to understand the patterns of difficulties that may present or may not have ever been diagnosed or recognised.

The Results

Earlier work in prison settings using a paper based version of one of the tools from Do-IT Profiler has shown much higher levels of social and communication difficulties than expected. It has also differentiated patterns of difficulties from one offending group to another. This may be important in terms of intervention.

Research on the relationship between offending and learning difficulties within the prison using Do-IT Profiler is being explored as part of a PhD study. 

Previous work using Do-IT Profiler has been published in 'Forensic Update' in 2006 by Kirby and Hayward , and this compared profiles of offenders from different settings including Usk prison, Cardiff and Parc Prisons, and with differing offending backgrounds.