The City of Dublin Education and Training Board, CDETB (formerly known as City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee, CDVEC) believes that education should be available and accessible to all of the population. It covers 22 Schools and Colleges offering Second Level, Further Education and Adult Education programmes and Youth Reach services.

CDETB uses Do-IT Profiler to ensure that all students have the same set of assessments prior to moving from primary to secondary school to inform class planning and provision. In the past they had a paper based assessment system which required marking by hand, taking many hours of time to undertake. 

By using Do-IT Profiler for over three years for children moving from primary school to secondary school in the area, all marking is now automated, and detailed reports from every assessment is available to the authority, the schools and the class teachers.

Nearly 5,000 children have accessed the system so far. The data gathered has also been used to compared year to year groups, as well as class to class, and school to school. It is now planned to be extended to other year groups and one of the suite of tools have recently been used with individuals attending Youth Reach.

The relationship with CDETB and Do-IT Solutions has provided a two-way flow of information, improving and updating the development of the tools, ensuring that they are 'fit for purpose'. This iterative model of working to continuously review and improve the tools Do-IT Profiler contains is essential. 

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