Do-IT Profiler is able to:

  • measure a student's knowledge and understanding of literacy and numeracy concepts
  • identify strengths and weaknesses of students and groups in a school, class, grade, district, province or country
  • group student skills in order to assist with classroom lesson and pedagogic planning and delivery of support
  • gather parent, student and teacher reflections on progress
  • track and monitor progress, measuring distance travelled
  • identify Specific Learning Difficulties (SpLD) e.g reading, social and communication challenges
  • map the level of study skills
  • understand confidence, self-perception, motivation, hobbies and interests
  • provide feedback and guidance to parents, students and teachers in an appropriate manner
  • provide a high-level, aggregated or drilled down overview of literacy, numeracy and study skill scores/proficiencies of an individual, class, grade or school (it can even do the same for any number of schools or education sites)

Do-IT Profiler provides age appropriate assessments, advice and support for those in education, helping students to achieve their potential.

Our education packages provide a suite of literacy, numeracy and other specialist assessment tools to consider strengths, challenges and the presence of Specific Learning Difficulties.

Do-IT Profiler provides information for the educator:

  • at an individual level, specific reports on each student, targeting where support is needed and guidance on how to do so
  • at a class level,  guidance how to group students with similar needs, and guidance on delivering the support
  • at a school level  (or across a geographic area), providing in-depth analysis of multiple data sets to track progress class to class, year to year
  • at a district, provincial and national level, Do-IT Profiler can draw all the information (data) together and provide valuable insights and analytics for planning and interventions, in an instant, efficient and cost-effective way 

Do-IT Profiler enables educators, district officials and administrators at all levels of the education system to have powerful reports, as well as high-level individualised and aggregated data. The Profiler is used in educational establishments all over the world, and is also fully adaptable to be available in many languages (as per customisation request).