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Professor Amanda Kirby                 

Chief Executive Officer

Dr Ian Smythe  

Chief Operating Officer

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Professor Amanda Kirby 

Professor Kirby is quite unusual, as she has experience and knowledge of health, education and being a 'user' of services.

Amanda was qualified as a GP and had worked in adult psychiatry for 9 years. She now has a chair in developmental disorders in education based at University of South Wales, and a Phd from Leeds University on Emerging adulthood. Amanda runs Do-IT Solutions Ltd with Dr Ian Smythe, an expert in Dyslexia and assistive technology.

Over 15 years ago, she started The Dyscovery Centre (now part of the University of South Wales), a trans disciplinary centre for children and adults with specific learning difficulties and disabilities. This has been recognised internationally for its work in this field, especially in the area of Developmental Co-ordination Disorder (DCD), also known as dyspraxia. Her research in the field has led to over 100 publications in peer reviewed journals. She also has many books published and translated in the field in over 10 languages. She supervises Phd Students as well as undertaking her own research in the field.

She has personal insight into the challenges of having specific learning difficulties, as her interest arose as a parent of one of her children who has ADHD, Dyslexia and DCD.

Professor Kirby co-founded Movement Matters, the UK umbrella organisation for DCD groups.

She advises parent and adult support organisations nationally and internationally in the field of specific learning difficulties including the Dyspraxia Foundation, Dyspraxia Association Ireland, Dyspraxia Association New Zealand and ADDIS (UK).

She sits on the UK government Hidden Impairment National Group for Job Centre Plus and has been on the Task and Finish Group for the new Masters in Education qualification for teachers for National Assembly for Wales. She has developed resources for the TDA in the UK on typical and atypical development. She currently sits on the expert panel for the Disability Confident campaign raising awareness of Hidden Impairments in employment.

She has led several European funded projects developing training and resources and undertaking screening e.g. Project Success and The PACTS project. The latter was delivered between Ireland and Wales was recognised by both education ministers for its excellence.

Professor Kirby has extensive experience running high level training programmes including a MSc in Developmental Disorders and a unique web based postgraduate certificate in DCD (dyspraxia) and a Post graduate certificate course on ADHD. She has trained over 15,000 health and educational professionals in the past 15 years.

Her work with Do-IT Profiler started over 10 years ago, stimulated by the increase evidence of the presence of overlap across learning difficulties and that most individuals would not be 'neatly' in one box or another. This began with the development of paper based assessements, which after development were later computerised, and additional modules added in order to gather a more complete picture of the individual in the context they were in. The tools have now been used in over 50,000 users, including those who are unemployed with a range of learning disabilities and difficulties and in educational, employment and offending settings in the UK, Ireland and South Africa. 

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Dr Ian Smythe 

Dr Ian Smythe is an education consultant bringing together expertise in the literacy and assessment with specific reference to those disenfranchised in an increasingly literate environment. He combines his research background with his extensive expertise in literacy to produce effective solutions for wideimplementation in the classroom and beyond.

His international work developed out of his PhD research into cognitive diversity and reading difficulties in different languages. These include Brazilian Portuguese, Hungarian and Chinese as well as English and Welsh.

Dr Smythe has worked with foreign governments and non- governmental organisations - conducting workshops, lectures and seminars around the world, including Angola, Brazil, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, Poland and the Philippines.

His activities are with colleagues in diverse languages, who also assist in his support work for the multilingual individual who may be struggling with literacy in the UK.

Ian has developed and led on more than ten EU projects that have been about supporting those with literacy difficulties. Countries he works with include Bosnia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Slovenia. Two current projects are shown on this page.

Dr Smythe has written seminal works in dyslexia and technology, as well as dyslexia in different languages and countries, and his work has now been published in Bosnian, Brazilian, Bulgarian, Polish and Czech, as well as English, some of which are shown here.

He has also written a large number of research papers, and continues to provide support and advise to NGO and individuals around the world. 

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