About Do-IT Profiler

Do-IT Solutions Ltd works nationally and internationally with schools, colleges, employers, NGOs, training and support organisations, and prison settings, providing a range of web based tools for mapping out the profile of strengths and difficulties for individuals. 

The profiling tools is unique as it has been developed for different ages and settings to give specific contextualised guidance to the individual and the specific organisation.

The tools collate information at a 'macro' level to inform organisations of patterns for planning e.g. across any geographic area, from school to school, college to college, or from branch to branch of a company. 

The suite of tools include assessments leading to a detailed analysis of a range of skills related to education and employment. 

We also provide bespoke solutions for different organisations e.g. large scale organisations to reduce the risk of work based absences and provide expert guidance. In addition, we provide disability impact assessments for companies and deliver face to face training.

Example of clients working with Do-IT Solutions include Remploy, where the use of a tailor made profiling tool enabled the collection of detailed information on over 6,000 Work Choice candidates in order to assist each individual and the organisation with their specific pathway to employment. 

For the past five years, we have been working with the National Learning Network in Ireland and City of Dublin Vocational Education Committee, providing services to colleges, schools and YouthReach. Do-IT Solutions is also working with Further Education and Training Colleges in South Africa, in 42 campuses in the Johannesburg region, to identify student skills and abilities as they face challenges towards employment. The tools have been translated into a number of languages.

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